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I would like to introduce…

My facebook group, called “Music Against Animal Abuse“, is welcoming everyone and inviting all musicians, bands, composers, songwriters and DJ’s to share music and music videos in this group for all to listen to and to share to help make that difference. 

The music shared must have a clear musical voice for the animals and/or a clear musical voice against all kinds of animal suffering affected by inhuman actions.

The story behind “Music Against Animal Abuse” is that I recently released two songs, “De Confrontatie” and “Meat Is Murder”, both adaptations of the original “Meat Is Murder”. I did this in the wake of this anthem by Morrissey and Marr and I can’t let the thoughts go: If there is more music written against animal suffering out there, where is it? How come it is never played? So let’s release more songs that could help make a difference or at least find the songs that might exist but seldom played, let’s get these songs out there in the open and let them be heard! However I can’t do this on my own – I need your help, please. I am asking everyone and every musician, band, composer, songwriter, DJ and lyricist to join me, to join in and to share your sympathy, your thoughts, your feelings in favor of the animals by uploading (your) music, new, covers or existing, in this group.

Please go for it music makers and music lovers! For all animals, for all humans…for the world. 

Because we must.

De Confrontatie 

Meat Is Murder


Double A – Side Singles