June 17, 2020


It Never Occurred To Me That You’re The Only Fun I Had Until You’re Gone…


April 9, 2020

Airbrushed On A Wall In Rotterdam. 2010. Arist Unknown. Photographer Unknown.

Hello everyone!

In order to take charge of own music and thus own life, I decided a few months ago to create a record label, Phonotograph Records. I’m more than happy that I finally took this step forward and I am very grateful for the support I had to make this come true. From now on it’s going to be really exciting…! 


Ten years ago, Kae released her debut ep “The Omen”.
The songs were recorded at studios The Box in Katwijk and mixed and produced by Tom Pearce and all tracks will be re-released, by the new label, of which a preview below!


The forthcoming reissue, the new-line up, an interview with Korine (by Stuart Douglas) the pre-release clip, new music, will be all on this page.
Hope you like it so far and if you do sharing is very much appreciated.


In these bizarre times, music is perhaps more than ever a welcome addition to (or distraction from) everyday life.


#StayInside #SafeAndSane #Everyone