March 9th, 2021

February 10th, 2021

Following the music video, which was released previously on 5th February
the lyric video for “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”/ “Hold On To Your Friends” is out now.

The songs are available on the double A side single “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” c/w “Hold On To Your Friends”, both cover versions originally by The Smiths/Morrissey: for “THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT” for “HOLD ON TO YOUR FRIENDS”

Watch the full music video On YouTube:


Watch the full lyric video on YouTube: 

February 5th, 2021


February 3, 2021


There Is A Light That Never Goes Out c/w Hold On To Your Friends (The Smiths/Morrissey) (Teaser)


The double A side single will be released coming Friday, February 5th and can be listened to, streamed and downloaded via all of the regular platforms.


We appreciate your patience!



February 1, 2021

Four days to go 

January 31, 2021


....Friday, February 5 2021

January 30, 2021


The Story So Far ..


Following up on Kae’s releases in 2020, You Are Not Alone and before that the double A singles Meat Is Murder / De Confrontatie, I met instrumentalist Jos van den Bogert during one of the band rehearsals. Our shared interests in alternative music led to the recording of a number of cover demos.

In his own words, Jos is a bit of a hermit who feels most comfortable in a studio, slowly working on something that lasts. Jos studied classical guitar at the conservatory for two years and then studied musicology. From 1993 to 2005 he played bass guitar in The Essence, a band that has played a lot abroad and occasionally in the Netherlands. One CD, Glow, was released in 1995. Around 2010, Jos was briefly in a group performing his own work, left nothing behind, as well as, for two years, songs from The Cure, but unfortunately did not get around to gigs. What he admits that it does not help when he sets the bar quite high and is not easily satisfied.


Our collaboration is bearing fruit. Friday, February 5, new work will be released that can be listened to, streamed and downloaded via all of the regular platforms.

January 28, 2021

New Kae Solo Eight Days To Go

Christmas, 2020

Departed Greatness Of A Christmas Tree


November 13, 2020




Een radiomaker bereidt te vinden zijn nek uit te steken voor het draaien van alternatieve real-life muziek in zijn radioprogramma en die daarbij zelf de confrontatie niet schuwt, is in Nederland muziekland bijna niet voor te stellen. Daarom dank ik Kees Visser,  muziekliefhebber pur sang, icoon in nationaal radioland, uit de grond van mijn hart voor het draaien van mijn single De Confrontatie vanavond, de Nederlandse bewerking van Meat Is Murder van The Smiths uit 1985. Het is een meer dan eervol gebaar, omdat hij als eerste en enige radiomaker op dit moment met muziek een weg baant in de frontlinie tegen alle soorten dierenleed, wereldwijd.


Ik dank hierbij ook zijn trouwe luisteraars, die dit mede mogelijk hebben gemaakt!


“Dierenwelzijn is niet vertegenwoordigd in Nederlandse liedjes. “Meat Is Murder” is de song die in (inter)nationaal radioland niet gedraaid wordt en ik begrijp niet waarom dat zo is. Het is een gemiste kans, want dit lijflied kan helpen te leiden tot het sluiten van alle slachthuizen.”


Moge dit de kentering zijn!


Vanavond, 20.00, WOS RADIO “STAGE”





It is hard to imagine, in this Dutch music scene, a radio producer who does not shy away from confrontation and who is willing to stick his neck out to play alternative real-life music on his show. That is why I would like to thank Kees Visser, music lover pur sang, icon in Dutch national radio, from the bottom of my heart for playing my single De Confrontatie, the Dutch adaptation of Meat Is Murder by The Smiths from 1985. It is more than an honorable gesture, because he is currently the first and only radio producer to be at the forefront of all kinds of issues of animal suffering worldwide.


I would also like to thank his loyal listeners, who have helped make this possible!

“Animal welfare is not represented in Dutch songs. “Meat Is Murder” is the song that is not played in (inter) national radio land and I don’t understand why that is. It is a missed opportunity, because this anthem can help lead to the closure of all slaughterhouses. ”


May this be the turning point!


Vanavond, 20.00, WOS RADIO “STAGE”


Radiopresentator Kees Visser - Stage/ WOS

November 4, 2020



R.I.P. Mike (55) 


R.I.P. Karibuna (Mike’s junior successor)




October 26, 2020


This was the initial design for the Meat Is Murder cover art. The guidelines (what should cover art comply with) did not match and another cover had to be made.

The initial design cover art Meat Is Murder




October 9, 2020


Kae brengt A-singles “De Confrontatie” en “Meat Is Murder” uit.


Kae’s eigen versie van Meat Is Murder is getiteld “De Confrontatie” en is haar eerste uitgave in het Nederlands. De originele versie verscheen voor het eerst op het gelijknamige album in 1985, uitgegeven door Morrissey en Marr en geproduceerd door The Smiths. Haar versie van het origineel,  Meat Is Murder, wordt ook officieel uitgebracht op 9 oktober.

“Dierenwelzijn is niet vertegenwoordigd in Nederlandse liedjes. “Meat Is Murder” is de song die in (inter)nationaal radioland niet gedraaid wordt en ik begrijp niet waarom dat zo is. Het is een gemiste kans, want dit lijflied kan helpen te leiden tot het sluiten van alle slachthuizen.”



Kae releases double A-side singles “De Confrontatie” / “Meat Is Murder”


Kae’s own version of Meat Is Murder entitled “De Confrontatie” is her first release in her native Dutch. The original version first appeared on the eponymous album released by Morrissey and Marr and produced by The Smiths in 1985. Her version of the original Meat Is Murder will also be officially released on October 9th.


“Animal welfare is not represented in Dutch songs. Songs like “Meat Is Murder” are not represented in (inter)national radioland. They are not broadcasted and I don’t understand why. It is a missed opportunity because this anthem can help to close all slaughterhouses”.


De Confrontatie



Music Against Animal Abuse: De Confrontatie

October 5, 2020


Kae’s Meat Is Murder: Music Against Animal Abuse


Kae releases double A-side singles “De Confrontatie”/ “Meat Is Murder”


Kae’s own version of Meat Is Murder entitled “De Confrontatie” will be officially released on October 9th and is her first release in her native Dutch. Her version of the original Meat Is Murder will also be officially released on October 9th. The original version first appeared on the eponymous album in 1985, produced by The Smiths. “Morrissey’s music is a great source of inspiration for me. He’s also my example when it comes to using music to fight animal suffering.”


Kae is currently working with her band on new music and also recently started recording new wave music, including The Smiths and Morrissey, to be released soon.

September 9, 2020

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August 31, 2020

Handwritten lyrics by Caelyn while making the official music video “You Are Not Alone”.

Aug 28, 2020

Rehearsal room 

July 30, 2020

Hello to all our listeners out there and to all who listen to STAGE RADIO and HOEX RADIO! 
Partly because of the broadcasts Friday 17/7, 24/7 and Wednesday night  28/7, 
our new song “You Are Not Alone” which was released on July 17th, has been listened to over 3000 times on Spotify, alone. We never expected this. Thank you so much and thank you for all the compliments.
Please, find both broadcasts here, with permission of and eternal thanks to hosts Kees Visser from Stage and Eric Schot and Mark Oosterwijk from Hoex Radio who made this possible.

Broadcast 17 th July STAGE RADIO – host Kees Visser

      You Are Not Alone (Radio broadcast 17th July STAGE – WOS Radio/tv)


“En over geweldige muziek gesproken..” 

Wat een geweldige plaat is dit zeg!”


–  Kees Visser, Stage WOS Radio

Broadcast 24th July HOEX RADIO – hosts Eric Schot and Mark Oosterwijk

      You Are Not Alone (Hoex Radio – Nite Flite Rock 24 th July 2020)

“Genieten met een grote G”

“Wij vinden dit briljant.”


– Eric Schot, Hoex Radio

July 24,2020.

KAE TONIGHT on Nite Flite Rock show 
Hosts: Eric Schot & Mark Oosterwijk


FROM 22:00 TO 00:00(CET)

Hoex Radio The Dutch Rockstation!
Rock On 😎


Bands in the playlist tonight:

The Dirty Denims; Picture; Randy Hansen She Bites; Pretenders; Sinner’s Blood;  Kae; Impact; Mentalist; Rob Lundgren; Lionheart; Ayreon; Primal Fear; MAD MAX; Perfect Plan; Hammerfall; The Black Legacy; Season of Dreams; Ronnie James Dio; Europe and more!
And the announcement of the brandnew Powersong for week 31 🔥


So tune in tonite FROM 22:00 TO 00:00(CET) Europe, 4PM (EST) at




July 17, 2020

New Single “You Are Not Alone” Out Now

COVER ART | You Are Not Alone | Kae

You Are Not Alone is the first new release from Kae in 10 years and the inspiration for the track was Korine’s 13 year old daughter, Caelyn. 


“Just as we went into lockdown, I asked my daughter if she would like to help making the music video to accompany the song and I couldn’t have been happier when she said yes.


Korine often courts controversy with her forthright opinions – endorsing vegetarianism and animal rights and questioning social issues in the Netherlands, such as bullying and violence among children, in this particular case, something that is very close to home.


So, after 10 years, Friday 17th July will see not only the release of Kae’s new song “You Are Not Alone” but also her debut on her new label, Phonotograph Records.
The song was written by Alex von Elzer/Korine Varekamp
and produced by Tom Pearce.

July 15, 2020


July 6, 2020

Musical life will never be the same again –
Ennio Morricone, R.I.P.
What you gave us, I have no words…..Thank You for your Music.
I was so lucky, a few years ago, to see this man perform live. He was the Mozart, the Beethoven, the Bach of our time. Who hasn’t deeply enjoyed his music?
You are the one who can say: I was there, being so priviledged to have lived in the same time as The Master Of Music did –
Master Morricone: Our deepest gratitude.

June 17, 2020


It Never Occurred To Me That You’re The Only Fun I Had Until You’re Gone…


April 9, 2020

Airbrushed On A Wall In Rotterdam. 2010. Arist Unknown. Photographer Unknown.

Hello everyone!

In order to take charge of own music and thus own life, I decided a few months ago to create a record label, Phonotograph Records. I’m more than happy that I finally took this step forward and I am very grateful for the support I had to make this come true. From now on it’s going to be really exciting…! 


Ten years ago, Kae released her debut ep “The Omen”.
The songs were recorded at studios The Box in Katwijk and mixed and produced by Tom Pearce and all tracks will be re-released, by the new label, of which a preview below!


The forthcoming reissue, the new-line up, an interview with Korine (by Stuart Douglas) the pre-release clip, new music, will be all on this page.
Hope you like it so far and if you do sharing is very much appreciated.


In these bizarre times, music is perhaps more than ever a welcome addition to (or distraction from) everyday life.


#StayInside #SafeAndSane #Everyone