Kae, a Dutch band with an alternative music style. Kae are Korine Varekamp; vocals, Danny Willeboordse; guitar, Daco Olasolo; guitar, Jeroen Reijke; bass and Stef Willeboordse; drums.


Korine is the founding member, the lead vocalist, lyricist and co-songwriter of Kae.

Korine formed the band in 2011. She is also currently working solo on a number of songs with other musicians. 

Coming from different musical backgrounds the repertoire

consists of startling and multi-faceted songs ranging from spherical to rock. 

The soothing, melodic yet haunting sound of Kae is influenced by, amongst others, 

Portishead, Pink Floyd, Anne Clark, Morrissey and Björk, 

and inspired by daily situations, both profound and thought-provoking. 

Characteristic of Kae’s repertoire are the contrasts within the songs

and the paradoxical,  often politically tinged lyrics underpinned by ethereal vocal harmonies.




Single “You Are Not Alone” Out Now

You Are Not Alone is the first new release from Kae in 10 years and the inspiration for the track was Korine’s 13 year old daughter, Caelyn. 

“Just as we went into lockdown, I asked my daughter if she would like to help making the music video to accompany the song and I couldn’t have been happier when she said yes.”

Korine often courts controversy with her forthright opinions – endorsing vegetarianism and animal rights and questioning social issues in the Netherlands, such as bullying and violence among children, in this particular case, something that is very close to home.

So, after 10 years, Friday 17th July will see not only the release of Kae’s new song “You Are Not Alone” but also her debut on her new label, Phonotograph Records.

The song was written by Alex von Elzer / Korine Varekamp and produced by Tom Pearce, Pearce Music Services.

Music Against Animal Abuse

De Confrontatie/Meat Is Murder Cover Art

Double A-side singles


 De Confrontatie/Meat Is Murder



Music Against Animal Abuse


Double A-side singles De Confrontatie  /  Meat Is Murder




Kae’s own version of Meat Is Murder entitled “De Confrontatie” is officially released on October 9th and is her first release in her native Dutch.


Her version of the original Meat Is Murder is also officially released on October 9th.

The original version first appeared on the eponymous album in 1985, produced by The Smiths.


“Morrissey’s music is a great source of inspiration for me. He’s also my example when it comes to using music to fight animal suffering.”

Kae perform The Omen live from home during the Corona crisis lockdown.

The song was recorded together apart in May 2020.  Each on their own from home, at safe zone.


“The Omen” is the title track from the debut EP by Kae and was first released in 2010.


To mark its 10 year anniversary you can now also listen or buy our song on Spotify, Apple Music, Napster and Deezer.


KAE TONIGHT on Nite Flite Rock show 
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