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Kae – a band with an alternative music style of their own where progressive indie and symphonical rock meet. Lead singer Korine Varekamp is accompanied by Frank Eickhoff on guitar, René van der Valk on keys, Pim Nagtzaam on bass and Rob Wagterveld on drums.
Coming from different musical backgrounds the distinctive repertoire consists of startling and multi-faceted songs ranging from spherical to danceable music therefor Kae play theatres as well as clubs.
Based on the release of an EP by lead singer Korine Varekamp in 2011 the current band was formed with backgrounds of rock and funk. The soothing, whistling and howling sound of Kae has been influenced by Portishead, Sparks, Morrissey and Anne Clark.
The music is varied and respectable to the last detail which results into various concerts. The lyrics are inspired by daily situations. They are often profound, thought-provoking and sometimes even depressive. Within the music they’re put down in a criticizing way.
Outstanding features within the sound of Kae are the thrilling sometimes monotonous vocal tunes, the wide array of keys and the electronic drums.


Contact information

K. Varekamp
Tel: +31 (0)615 367 106



Five band members

VOCALS – Korine Varekamp
Microphone Sennheiser E935

DRUMS – Rob Wagterveld
Roland TD30 drums, L/R mix out XLR balanced or 6 out unbalanced : 6  X DI

BASS – Pim Nagtzaam
Amplifier Eden Nemesis 320, XLR line-out

GUITAR – Frank Eickhoff
Fender and Gibson guitars, 2 x Blues Junior guitar amps (stereo),
2 x jack out in the mixer for guitar syntheziser.

KEYS & laptop – René van der Valk
Line-out 2 X DI

FOH Engineer
Boudewijn van den Berg

Amplification on stage drums (mono) bass and guitar.
FOH/PA: vocals, keys, computer.

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